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What is this thing?

Mixjumble is a community where I post every single mix I ever concoct. Look below for links to your desires.


August 11th, 2006

So, this is where it truly began. The first in this "series" was created pretty much right when my family installed our first CD burner in our computer, and the rest followed quickly. Yeah, we were so cool that we bought one to stick in our computer ourselves. And I could barely believe how awesome it was going to be, to be able to put any combination of songs on a disc that I wanted. In any order. And then to make art for them! Which was made with a shitty program that came with the CD burner, and I didn't seem to mind the default images in the program. Awesome, me.

The point is, these were never my favorite songs (well, Hanson's "Runaway Run" is up there), but it sounded like the kind of title you would use for a mix. And then four more after it. I'm glad I abandoned the thing after five discs. Some of the songs are pretty embarassing (Britney Spears' unreleased songs!?), and there are still traces of my parents' influence (Pat Benatar?!). But hey, it was 2002. I was 15. Um.

If nothing else, they're decent snapshots of what was popular at the time. Maybe.

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August 2nd, 2006

Tag frenzy!

tegan ice cream
Here is a list of all the tags I've ever used to describe mixes. It is constantly updated. If it's not a link, then no mixes thus far have been tagged with it. (Remember, if you're not a member or you're not logged in, these links will spit nothingness back at you!)

happy / sad / angry / numb / nostalgic / weird / cheer up / funny

love / break-up / random / life events / birthday

one disc (fits on an 80-minute CD-R) / multiple discs

Other factors
one artist / multiple artists / cover art / on-the-go / for someone

July 5th, 2006

I make too many mixes.

I wanted a place to put/showcase them in case my computer ever turns on me. And I want to share them with other people!

This community is for me to update with every mix I create, along with cover art and a .zip file of all the songs, if a member requests it.

Anyone can be a member, so why don't you join and see if you like what you hear?
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