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musical mixes by alys that you can hear!

Tag frenzy!

What is this thing?

Mixjumble is a community where I post every single mix I ever concoct. Look below for links to your desires.

Tag frenzy!

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tegan ice cream
Here is a list of all the tags I've ever used to describe mixes. It is constantly updated. If it's not a link, then no mixes thus far have been tagged with it. (Remember, if you're not a member or you're not logged in, these links will spit nothingness back at you!)

happy / sad / angry / numb / nostalgic / weird / cheer up / funny

love / break-up / random / life events / birthday

one disc (fits on an 80-minute CD-R) / multiple discs

Other factors
one artist / multiple artists / cover art / on-the-go / for someone
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